Aplicación Telegram sin acentos

En algunos sabores de Ubuntu no funcionan los acentos en Telegram. Parece ser porque no incluyen el paquete ibus. ¡Manos a la obra!

Para solucionarlo, instalamos ibus:

sudo apt-get install ibus

Lo configuramos:


Esto arrancará el demonio, aceptamos.

Y luego en preferencias, lo dejo tal que:

Sólo nos queda ir a la aplicación de idioma y configurar como método de entrada IBUS:

Reiniciamos y Telegram ya debería de funcionar con acentos.

uNav powered by Mapzen! Raising from the darkness thanks to UBPorts!

Mapzen is moving to a paid API after June 1. This was a big issue to uNav, the map viewer and GPS navigator for Ubuntu Phone.
I had to migrate to the free OSRM router then, but its test server is down several times (it's not a production server) and it has only car navigation mode.

Never fall down! Don't back now!
But, the UBPorts community is surprising me every time! Because from now, UBPorts will support the Mapzen cost (with itself money thanks to their donations) and you'll continue to enjoy uNav with the Mapzen navigation: car, foot, bike and even public transport mode, never down and so good routes.

Raising from the darkness
I have not words to thank you the UBPorts! Its community, its interest, its so hard work, its vibrant motivation, its effort are being epic! Guys, you're incredible! Thanks!

How config a wekan snap

If you install the snap version of Wekan, probably you'll need to setup it for your IP and port. Just follow these steps:
costales@ubuntu:~$ sudo snap set wekan-ondra root-url="http://<your_ip>:<your_port>"
costales@ubuntu:~$ sudo snap set wekan-ondra port="<your_port>"
costales@ubuntu:~$ sudo systemctl restart snap.wekan-ondra.wekan

If it's not working, probably you'll use the mongodb port for another app, then, change it too:

costales@ubuntu:~$ sudo snap set wekan-ondra mongodb-port=27019
costales@ubuntu:~$ sudo snap disable wekan-ondra && snap enable wekan-ondra

Now visit in the web browser http://<your_ip>:<your_port>

Ubuntu y otras hierbas S01E02: GNOME3 y UBPorts [podcast] [spanish]

Segundo capítulo del podcast Ubuntu y otras hierbas.

En esta ocasión:
Charlaremos sobre estos temas:
  • Migración a GNOME 3
  • UBPorts mantendrá Unity y Ubuntu Phone
El podcast está disponible para escuchar en:

Podcast en Youtube

Links relacionados al podcast:
Banda sonora del podcast bajo licencia CC BY-NC 4.0.
Vídeo de Marius en la Ubucon sobre UBPorts.

Todos los capítulos del podcast 'Ubuntu y otras hierbas' disponibles aquí.

A new hope for Ubuntu Phone: The community

Well, I have to say that Ubuntu Phone was dead for me after the Mark's announcement a few weeks ago. I even posted the end of uNav and I switched to Android.  But my post was a trigger for myself: because the community will not allow uNav to die so easily and of course, the Ubuntu Phone :) You opened my eyes mates!

Do you have an Ubuntu Phone/Tablet?

Please, follow these steps: https://open.uappexplorer.com/docs then, you'll have a new Store and your device will receive community updates after Canonical closes the current (~June 2017).

And a new uNav release

Yes, you'll find the new release of uNav 0.70 in the OpenStore :)) I fixed important API issues (uNav will only work with the OpenStore version after June 1).

uNav in openStore

enjoy your Ubuntu Phone (again) | enjoy uNav (again) | enjoy the freedom (always)

Flash MX4 Ubuntu Edition with Flyme

Warning: You'll lost all your current data and you could brik your phone! I created this tutorial for myself.
You'll need Ubuntu 16.04 and these tools installed:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-device-flash
sudo apt-get install phablet-tools

Use magic-device-tool for installing CyanogenMod 13.

This proccess will install you:
  • TWRP as boot loader manager, this is the key for next steps.
  • CyanogenMod 13.
Now, download Flyme, I liked the last version of Flyme The version 6 is working a bit slow.
Copy that .zip file to the phone (if you need space, first wide it).

Restart in recovery mode (power on + volume up).

Choose in TWRP > Install, choose the .zip file.

Reboot and it's done!

If you want Google Apps, go to the Meizu Store and choose Google Installer and then install Google Play and everything from there (Don't uninstall Google Installer app because you'll not receive more messages from apps like Telegram).

If you want to return to Ubuntu Phone, you can use the magic-device-tool app again.